For Senior Adults:

Alice Black's "60's Folk Songs" program features 13-year-old Alice Black on guitar and vocals, backed up by her mom, award-winning singer/songwriter and poet, Aspen Black.  Folk favorites included in this show are: Turn, Turn, Turn (made famous by The Byrds), Blowin' in the Wind (made famous by Peter, Paul, and Mary), The Circle Game (made famous by Joni Mitchell), Diamonds and Rust (made famous by Joan Baez), Four String Winds (made famous by Ian & Sylvia), 500 Miles (made famous by Peter, Paul, and Mary), and many more.  Seniors love to sing and clap along to songs that bring back fond memories.

"60's Folk Songs" can be presented as a 30, 45, or 60-minute program. Alice and Aspen Black bring a professional PA system, and can accommodate any space and crowd size from "just a few" to hundreds.  Treat your seniors to a fun sing-along show today!

For Children:

"The Singing Cowgirls" is a musically-based cultural and historical program for toddlers through elementary school children and their families.  Kids sing along, dance, clap, role play, and win prizes for their skill and knowledge in this fun, action-packed, interactive program.  Several of Alice's original songs are featured, alongside her mother's creations, and a traditional dance song that went west with many pioneer families. "The Singing Cowgirls"  was Alice and Aspen Black's featured program for Summer Reading, 2018, and has been performed across VA, OH, IA, TX and NM with excellent reviews from librarians, parents, and children!  Bring "The Singing Cowgirls" to your library, preschool, church, summer camp, birthday party, museum, or any place where young children gather!

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